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Prayer Saved 2-year-old Boy Who Fell Out Of Second Story Window, Miracles Exists!

Miracles happen only when you believe. Indeed, they come in moments and happen every day. Out of difficulties God sends miracles in order for us to grow stronger in our faith. It’s just a matter of changing your belief and perception in order to see the miracles that happen every single day. Impossible situations can become possible miracles through God’s power.

A 2-year-old boy was playing with his sister when an unexpected accident happened. He fell out of a two-story window and was rushed to the hospital by his parents. The doctors were worried about the child’s situation while his parents were holding firmly to their faith as believers of Christ. After a series of tests, the doctors were surprised as they could not believe that there was no injury and no brain damage that existed as expected. The little boy was even energetic like a typical 2-year-old even after he was rushed for the emergency.

Through the power of prayer and with great faith in God, everything can be possible. God protects His children in a way that He will send His angels charged over us. Believe in Him and He will surely protect you against the enemy. Stay faithful to Him and expect miracles to happen for with God, nothing is impossible.

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