LifestyleRestless Little Boy Bothers People But Surprising When Given The Microphone

Restless Little Boy Bothers People But Surprising When Given The Microphone

Kids can sometimes be bothering especially when they couldn’t stop running from one corner to another. You might be irritated by their actions at times accompanied by their loud noise. But there’s something in them that makes them so cute and special. Children are close to the heart of Jesus and sometimes there are lessons that we learn from them.

A little boy came to church with his parents and he was so restless. His parents were at the center joining the church choir and this little kid couldn’t stop moving. He was disturbing the audience going back and forth and even disturbing the choir members singing in front. But what was more surprising was the little boy’s hidden talent. He was given a microphone and he joined the group as they praised God. His voice was so sweet, a high pitch and perfect tone. By then he started behaving and he was focused on the song.

At an early age, children should be brought by parents to church. Introduce Christ to them and train them the way God intended them to be. Parents should also serve as a good example to their children for them to imitate. Teach them songs that praise God and let them hear stories about the miracles of Jesus. Teach them good traits that they may show kind actions to others.

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