Roofer Sees Homeless Man And Offers Him A Job – Can’t Believe What He Is Caught Doing

According to a HUD study, in the United States, nearly half of all homeless people said the most important thing they needed was assistance finding work. Many homeless people, on the other hand, would jump at the chance to work. 

But even with a job, some remain homeless because the jobs are so low-paying that they cannot afford to purchase a home or rent an apartment. When they can, they move from couch to couch, rent a room on cold nights, and spend some nights in shelters or on the streets.


It’s true that finding work when you don’t have a permanent address is difficult. It’s difficult to keep a job when you don’t have a place to shower and change clothes, or a place to rest your tired head at night.

Sadly, more homeless people, because of their situation, become disabled and get mental illnesses which adds insult to injury. This further makes it hard for them to retain, let alone, land a well-paying job.

Without a permanent address, it is also hard for a person to care for hygiene and change clothes. It is also virtually impossible to have a good night’s rest if you’re sleeping on the streets.

This is why some people try to help these individuals. Such a case happened when JayJay Murray found John, a homeless man on the streets. Murray was a roofer and had to finish a job nearby.

The roofers saw the homeless man sleeping on a park bench. They offered John a cup of tea for a little help and to their surprise, John was more than eager to help out. 

“We started a new job in London on a high road this week where this homeless man called John was living on a bench in the local park,” Murray said in a Facebook post. “We brought him a cup of tea early in the morning and offered him to come and help the next day. He was first on site and worked non-stop. I have never seen anyone so happy to be at work.”

What surprised them even more was that John only asked for $20 in payment. He said that it was enough to get him through the week. But the workers appreciated his industry and patience which was why they took him to lunch at a nearby Burger King and gave him a total of $90 from their own pockets.

When the job was done at around 1 PM that day, they gave him the right pay which delighted John. “His gratitude was a real eye-opener. Keep going John got to be something good around the corner. Nobody willing to work should be living on the streets,” said Murray.

John continuously thanked the roofers. He said, “Thanks brothers, it’s the most love I’ve ever had.” The men said that if ever John was in the area, he could come in and help out. 

God praises the industrious hands and blesses them with many blessings. While the things that John received may not seem like a lot to us, to John, these meant a world of difference. We should be grateful for the home we have, our jobs, and the things we possess that most homeless people do not. Continue working hard and doing your best in everything and God will reward you accordingly.

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