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She is Amazing! 96 years Old Lady Leads Dance, Rocks The Dance Floor With Superb Moves!

“There is nothing in my life that I’m more proud of than the fact that this amazing 96 years young dancing machine is my Nana. She is my inspiration, my motivation, my spirit and soul“, says Todd who recorded this video. Grandma does impressive dance moves and lives an impressive life. Todd’s grandma knows how to live. She lives life in an easy and calm way which has kept her young and strong all through these years.

Having a fulfilled life does not come with billions of dollars in your bank account but rather it is in knowing how to live life one day at a time. This is often the secret of many elderly folks whose birthdays have reached the number 100 and still counting. They have learned to take it easy and just live. To not be fazed by what they hear in the news instead to calmly guide the way for their children and grandchildren.

Many die young because of stress. People everywhere are looking for something that would make their life meaningful. Yet, when we ask our elderly folks, on what makes them happy, then their answer is very simple. They tell us that the family makes them happy. Enjoying the good weather on a great day and taking walks to make them happy and fulfilled. Having great conversations with their grandchildren give them joy and when they are embraced so lovingly by family members they are satisfied – Life has been lived well and enjoyed to the maximum!. Watch the happy moment of grandma with family members in this video…


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