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She Was Suffering A lot In Her Life But Her Attitude to God Must Amazing You

My wife Sue was a true inspiration to many people. I have no doubt that God lead her. During her entire life she was very devoted to Jesus and God the Father.

On May 30,2010. We were at a church together,she took one bit of a hot dog and a pain from her trygeminal neuropathy ( it causes extreme pain in your face, like a knife stabbing you) stuck her just as she took a bit and as she gasped from the pain the hot dog was sucked in and stuck in her throat and she passed out. The hymleck manuver was tried several times by the men of the church.

Sue was unconscious for over 10minutes When the paramedics arrived they used forscips. to remove hotdog. They immediately put her on s portable, respiratory and life flighted her to hospital about 40 miles away. The doctor in ER told us that she wouldn’t live and first doctor in ICU told us the same , I told him that was a diagnosis that God would make.

The first neurologist basically told us the same but he ran a test of brain activity and when the results came back he told my son and I that he was amazed for he said he expected to see some blank spots but instead she had activity in every section of the brain, slow but activity in every section. Again I said there is a higher power at work here. After 10 days a tracheotomy was done.

Sue was in that hospital for 3 and a half weeks and was transferred to a rehab center about 75 miles from home. She was there for 8 months. I won’t go into all that she endured during those months suffice it to say there were many ups and downs and scares during those months. Sue was released to come home on January 18, 2011.She was in a wheelchair from then on.

She became completely blind in her left eye as the accident damaged the optic nerve and her right eye was partially affected. The accident damaged her adrenal glands and she had to be on strong daily doses of steroids for the rest of her life, it damaged her muscles so she was unable to walk, she never fully recovered fine motor movements in her hands so was no longer able to play her beloved piano ( she had been church pianist for years ). She also was unable to use the computer any more, the things she enjoyed most.

Plus she continued to have bouts of severe pain with the trygemal neroupthy. During the next seven years of her life she was rushed to the hospital many times for severe infections. Each infection weakened her. The things that were not affected was her memory. The only memory she lost was the first two days for she was so sedated. Now where the inspiration comes in, during all these hospitalizations, all the medications, the loss of some sight, the bouts of severe pain and all the other complications, her faith never wavered and she never asked, why me God?

People saw the pain she was in and her condition and also saw that her faith stayed firm During the whole time was concerned about others and not herself. She remained a true prayer warrior, church family and others would bring prayer requests to her. She was concerned about others right up to the end. Just two days before she was very concerned about her brother who was in hospital at same time and she was so concerned about me that she made our son promise to take care of me.

We got her home about 22 hours before the end. She passed peacefully ( with me holding her hand, our son, daughter in love( law) my brother and wife at her bedside) from this earth, taking my heart with her, to her wonderful life in Heaven. She has no more pain or suffering. I look forward with joy to the day we will be reunited.


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