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Soldier’s Surprising Homecoming After Spending A Year In Afghanistan. Wait Till You See Dad’s Priceless Reaction!

Watch Dad’s priceless reaction as his soldier son pulls this unexpected homecoming. This will surely touch your hearts and all the more appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of those who serve and protect our country.

Soldiers leave their family behind to serve and protect the country. They often went for years, risking their very lives in the battlefield, leaving their worried family back home. Sgt. Mason Miller is a U. S. Army Reserve soldier and is assigned to Afghanistan for a year.  It is surely challenging for Mason to spend a year on the battlefield, not to mention the challenge of being away from his loved ones for the whole year.

Being away is hard for those who leave but surely harder for those who are left behind. Can you imagine how agonizing it is for a father to know that his son might not be able to come back alive? No wonder Mason’s Dad wept his heart out as he unexpectedly saw Mason standing in front of him!

When he received the word that he’d be able to come home earlier than expected, Mason decided to keep the news to himself and arranged an epic surprise homecoming for his family. With the help of his parents’ neighbor who was also a former federal agent and military veteran, Mason was able to pull this big surprise.

His Dad was out of words as he saw his son, who was out to defend the country for a year, was there standing in front of him. It was pure joy! His Dad just hugged him tightly. Although he was in the middle of a meeting, Dad knew that his son is more important than the meeting that he was having.

While watching this, I can’t help but think of how deep the love that fathers have for their children. I was reminded of the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15, how the father was so excited that his prodigal son had returned. Though Mason wasn’t a prodigal, he was out of his father’s sight for a long time, just like the prodigal son. And the reaction was the same! It was overflowing with pure joy and the excitement.

Can you imagine how our Heavenly Father rejoices every time we decide to come back to him? Can you imagine the pure joy and excitement overflowing every time we come back to his arms? This homecoming is just a glimpse of it!

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