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Son Was Touched When He Found Out Mom’s Secret Why She Disappear Every Christmas Eve

We all have secrets that we hide within ourselves. It could be something very personal or something that is confidential. We may be shy to tell it to other people or it could be that we lack the self-confidence to show it to others. Secrets cannot be hidden forever, one day at the right time somebody will figure it out and always remember that everything that you do can be seen by God’s naked eyes.

John Darrah, a 63-year-old man shared his story about his mom being lost every Christmas Eve. He was just a young boy when he remembered that every time it’s Christmas, his mom would always give an excuse to go somewhere or do something. When his mom Sue died, this question remained unanswered. Not until John received a letter from a man named Robert. Robert is Sue’s co-worker but not only that. John found out that every Christmas eve of the year, his mom visits Robert’s family. The letter was addressed to John wherein Robert was thanking his mom for all the good deeds that she has done to their family.

Robert mentioned that every Christmas Eve, Sue goes to their house and give presents to his kids and disguise as Mrs. Santa. Sue kept doing the same thing for the rest of the years that passes through. Sue did not bother to tell her family about this but instead, she chose to create excuses to cover up her mission. Robert’s family were grateful for what Sue has shared with them. The woman was indeed generous and has a good heart in helping people. Her secret must be kept for a long time but for sure, God has seen her heart’s intention of doing such an act.

Chicken Soup for the Soul author
John Dorrah of Highland talks about his story that was published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Joy of Christmas”

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