St. Bernard Pup Adopts 95 Years Old Widow – “Lonely No More!”

Brody, a St. Bernard pup came to live in the Mount Vernon, Washington neighborhood. He was the neighbor of Miss Sally a widow of 30 years and had been living alone since. In the first week of being in the neighborhood, this pup immediately found its way to Sally’s doorstep and befriended Sally. Brody, instantly warmed up to Sally and has been visiting her at all times of the day even at 4 a.m. The pup insists on being with Sally even when she drives to somewhere. Brody’s apparent love for its lonely widow neighbor is very evident.

Miss Sally has gotten used to being alone and never thought of her loneliness. However, when Brody started visiting her, giving her warm hugs and insisted on keeping her company; her solitary days flew out the window. She never imagined the joy and warm companionship a furry friend could give. The dedicated love of Brody has made her very happy and stronger as the days went by.

Friendship is a much-needed relationship in our life. Having friends around us makes beautiful days seem warmer and glorious. In times of sadness, friends are able to dispel them and the gloomy feeling vanishes fast. God in his wisdom created these furry creatures to be man’s best friend. True enough, Brody continues to bless Miss Sally with friendship, care, and love that she could carry in her arms. Watch the video and join the circle of love…

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