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Store Manager Helped In The Way That Touched the Mom A Lot Whose Son Born With Clubfoot

Kindness has a lot of definition depending on the situation. A simple act of generosity is something that people would be reminded of you no matter how many years pass by. A good heart will always define who you are no matter what your status of society is.

Natalie gave birth to a child with a club foot. His name is Landon Pearson. Everyone knows about his condition of having one foot larger than the other. This situation served as a challenge for Landon and his mom as he grew up. The day has come for Natalie to treat Landon his favorite shoes. She brought her son to Under Armour store where he picked the shoes that he loved. Sean, the store manager assisted Natalie and Landon in finding the right size. Sean told Natalie that she needed to buy two pairs of shoes based on Landon’s situation.

Natalie could not do anything about it ever since she knew Landon’s condition. But Sean’s next move was something that surprised Natalie big time! Sean told Natalie that he would buy 1 pair and pay for it out of his own pocket while Natalie bought the other pair. Natalie was surprised and wanted to burst in tears not because she can’t afford to pay for it but because of Sean’s kindness that she didn’t expect to happen. The world may be cruel in some ways but because of what Sean did, people who read Landon’s story was given hope that there are still people with good hearts that exists.

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