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Strangers Risk Their Own Lives To Save A Family From Drowning. Awesome Real Life Heroes!

The situation is very urgent, there is a lifeless infant in a water-filled car. Some strangers immediately gather together and risk their lives to save this family from drowning in the flash floods.

That happened in Houston, Texas. The care and concern for the family in danger was clearly visible. As caught on video, when the car flipped due to the sudden surge of water on the highway, people stopped their car, got out and rushed to help those who were trapped inside. Due to the collected effort of many rescue volunteers the father, mother and 2 babies were saved from drowning. Prayers for their safety were also being said during the rescue.

Truly, when people come together for a good cause this effort gets immediate and beautiful results. The spirit of love and concern for the welfare of other human beings bring down the blessing of our God above and the impact is tremendous. People everywhere who saw this video got blessed and called the volunteers as heroes. This video reminds us that giving care to those in need is one of our responsibility to each other.  God created the earth for human beings. He put all of us here on planet earth in order to bless and love one another. Watch the video and share in the spirit of care and concern for others.

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