Talented Daddy and Daughter Can’t Stop Dancing Covering ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’!

This is happiness in 2 minute and 46 seconds!  This father and daughter surely know how to have fun—and how to groove! This unstoppable father and daughter dance duo will make you dance on your feet today!

They don’t really have the most perfect dance moves but this went viral! How? Because what they did was beautiful. What makes it beautiful is the love that their dance communicates. More than just the fun and the groove, there is love in it. A man as big as Dad danced like that with his pink pants on? Surely he wouldn’t do that if not because of his daughter.  He surely wanted to relate with his daughter. Daddy wanted to build that bond with his little princess, and one way of doing that through this dance.

Growing up as teenagers, I believe that everyone experienced how it is to look for love from other people, may it be from friends or from the opposite gender. What we tend to forget is the love that first and foremost came from our fathers. No matter whom we danced with as we grow older, our fathers will be the best man to dance with us. May it be during those times that he held you in his hands and just dance you around to make you fall asleep, or may it be in times like this when you danced together with him in the groove of the latest hit. A bond is created when you do something with someone, and for sure, an unbreakable bond is created between this dance duo that this daughter will surely look back even as she grows older.

Whether you grew up with your Dad or you grew up without knowing one, this father and daughter dance duo will make you feel the love between a father and a child. I tell you, this is happiness in 2 minutes and 46 seconds!

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