LifestyleTaliban Kill People with Bible Apps on their Phones According to Reports

Taliban Kill People with Bible Apps on their Phones According to Reports

Taliban on the road into the airport

News from SAT-7 say that they have received reliable reports that Taliban are going door-to-door and executing Christians who refuse to renounce their faith and belief.

Taliban militants are even pulling people from public transportation and checking their belongings. If they see that the person is Christian, they kill them on the spot because the Taliban consider them as ethnically impure.

The militants are also demanding people’s phones. And if they see that there is an installed Bible app on the device, they shoot them immediately.

According to SAT-7 North America President Dr. Rex Rogers, right now it is incredibly dangerous for Afghans to have any type of Christian leanings on their phones. The Taliban has spies and informants around the country. They are using these people to persecute the already small community of Christians in Afghanistan.

Different Christian groups have also sounded the alarm to pray and send help to fellow Christians in the midst of the embattled country. These groups emphasize the danger and ruthless nature of the Taliban forces.

A contact from Release International said that the situation is dire and everyone is afraid of what is currently happening. Girls are prevented from going to schools and women are not allowed to go out of the house without a male companion.

Life inside a Taliban town / BBC News YouTube screenshot

According to the 2021 Open Doors’ World Watch List, Afghanistan is the second most dangerous place for Christians to practice their faith even before the Taliban came into power. The first is in North Korea. This is why Christians in the country are forced to meet together in underground churches and in very small groups to worship.

Anyone caught practicing Christian virtues are in danger of life imprisonment or even beheading.

Since the takeover of the Taliban, the vulnerability of Christians in the country has increased ten-fold making it virtually impossible to follow Jesus in the country, said Brother Samuel, the Open Doors Field Director for Asia.

Open Doors has a guide on what to pray for in countries where there is severe persecution of Christians.

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