Teen Dresses Up In Funny Costumes Every Day To Greet Little Brother – His Reason Will Make You Cry

It’s without question that having a sibling makes your childhood life memorable. You have someone to rely on when things get tough but most of all, you get to share with your brother or sister happy, sad, and bad memories.

This is why for Noah Tingle, aka the “Bus Brother,” it’s important that he lives good memories behind before he goes off to college next year. Noah is currently a senior at Central High School in Louisiana.

Noah especially wants his younger brother Max to remember the happy times they’ve shared in the remaining weeks before he leaves. So he devises a plan to welcome him every day at the bus stop with a surprise. One day, the 12-year-old Max saw his brother waving at him and dressed in a silly outfit.


This was only the beginning. Noah continued this “tradition” regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, he waits for Max in his silly costumes, whether it’s a T-Rex, Santa Claus, a firefighter, a football player, a ninja, a minion, or Max’s favorite “Star Wars” character Chewbacca


Noah definitely has a great plan albeit a little embarrassing at first for the young boy. He eventually got used to his big brother’s antics that the costumes have become a normal part of his school day. Noah has been going at it for 12 days now and Max now anticipates what silly costume he would wear next.

Eventually, netizens also look forward to seeing the brotherly gesture after the boys’ mother shared videos of the daily afternoon bus stop greetings on social media. Strangers have also started mailing costume donations for Noah to wear.


“The Bus Stop Brothers,” as online fans call them, think there’s nothing special about what they’re doing. Noah calls it “normal” and that “there’s nothing special” about it. Max adds that “it shows how good as brothers we are.”

Meanwhile, the boys’ parents say they “want their kids to be a light in the world” and think that’s what they’re doing now in their own subtle way. Certainly, these brothers prove that there’s joy in the simple things and prove that you don’t need extravagant or fancy ideas to make beautiful and long-lasting happy memories.

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