Teen Waitress Receives College Scholarship after Act of Kindness to An Old Man Goes Viral

Evoni Williams, who works at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, was saving money for college when she was photographed assisting an old man by cutting his food into small pieces so that he could chew them. 

Evoni had started working at the Waffle House because she needed money to pay for her college tuition. She’d just turned 18, which meant she’d be starting her freshman year at the college of her choice in the fall.

The small act of kindness Evoni showed was met with another one when Laura Wolf took a photo and posted it to Facebook. The photo touched the hearts of thousands and gained more than just likes and shares.

The Texas Southern University was moved and gave a $16,000 college scholarship to help the waitress study business management.

Evoni said that what she did for the older gentleman was something that she would do on any given day. The old man’s hands were not functioning well which is why Evoni took the time to assist him. He couldn’t hold a fork and a knife at the same time to cut his food into bite-size pieces. Evoni cut his food quickly so that he could eat it without assistance. It was a small gesture, but it gave him the ability to still be independent.

Evoni was on her way to pick up a fresh-off-the-griddle order when she came across the old man which made her stop dead in her tracks. Laura noticed Evoni pause and raised her eyes from her meal to see what had occurred.

Her kindness was also appreciated by the government. The mayor of La Marque declared March 8 to be “Evonni ‘Nini’ Williams Day” to commemorate and inspire others to be kind and to look after one another. 

Evoni, on the other hand, did not assist the old man in cutting up his breakfast meat because she wanted any form of recognition. She said had no idea she was being watched, so the outpouring of goodwill came as a complete surprise to her.

But the humble waitress serves as a reminder to everyone to be kind to everyone for even if no one sees, God can see out good deeds and will reward us accordingly.

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