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Thai Teen Rescued From Cave Says Prayers, Faith In God Helped During Traumatic Ordeal

On June 23, 2018, the world watched the risky and tiring mission to rescue the Wild Boars soccer team trapped inside Thailand’s Tham Luang Nang Non cave. With no water, food, and extra clothing to protect them from the cold, 12 boys and their coach braved hunger, thirst, and their fear of the dark in hopes that help would come before it’s too late.

People watched as rescuers tried to swim their way inside the flooded cave for days on end. Chances of survival grew slimmer with each passing day and the team was left with no choice but to wait. However, one boy took their harrowing ordeal to God.

Adul “Adun” Samon, 15, who is the only Christian in the group, recalled how on the 10th night, they “were losing patience, hope, physical energy, and courage.” The only thing left to do was pray.  Adun recalled he fervently prayed because it was the only thing he could do to help their situation.

“I prayed ‘Lord, I’m only a boy. You are almighty God, You are holy, and You are powerful. Right now I can’t do anything. May You protect us, come to help us all 13,’” Adun told Compassion International.

The young boy from Myanmar said God answered his prayers and the world rejoiced when a group of British divers finally made it inside the cave and found them. Being the only member who speaks English (among other languages including Mandarin, Burmese, Thai, and Wa), Adun acted as the group’s interpreter while the mission to bring them out was underway.

Adun, who said his life “was very laid-back” before the traumatic experience, praised God for his compassion and ceaseless guidance. He reminded others to never stop believing in the power of prayer and to “be patient and confident in God.” When faced with challenges, he said to “pray and wait on God with hope.”

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