‘The Beverlys’ Star Mia Damico Shares Powerful Message About God’s Love

Mia Damino, star of the Pureflix original series “The Beverlys,” shared a powerful message about God’s enduring love and guidance during an interview for the show. She said that God never abandons his children no matter their situations in life.

Talking about the series, Damino says viewers can take a lot about “The Beverlys” because it offers lessons and powerful messages of hope outside of the fun and laughter. She said the show reminds everyone that God will always be there to guide us and help us in our daily life and struggles.

“I hope [viewers] take away that God, through all of the hard times that you’re going through, He’ll always be there for you no matter what and He’ll never leave your side. ‘The Beverlys’ shows you that God will be with you,” Damino said in an interview with Pure Talk.


“The Beverlys” tells the story of three gifted orphaned girls who are discovered by record producer Tommy Beverly. Damino plays Kayla, one of the sisters, who is described as funny, “really goofy,” and a little weird. The young actress said the character resonated with her because she is “all those things” that described Kayla.


In the same interview, Damino also talked about working with Jaime Grace, a popular Christian music artist. She remembered that they had so much fun in one scene they did together that they could not stop laughing.

“On one of the scenes we just could not stop laughing at each other … we just couldn’t stop,” she said.

“The Beverlys” alongside an eight-episode family comedy from writers Zenobia Groves, Evelyn Preston and Tommy Blaze. The story focuses on a small town girl Jaimie Hillard (Grace) who mentors three young orphans who have dreams of starting their own music group. Along the way, the girls learn a valuable lesson about humility and kindness through love and lots of laughter.


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