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The Entertainment Radio Show Tick Off This Sick Boy’s Bucket List Before He Became Full Blind for The Rare Disease

Ticking the items off of your bucket list is truly an amazing feeling! I just can’t imagine how amazing the feeling of this little boy when he heard that the things that he wrote in his bucket list will soon happen!

Sterling is only 10 years old and at a young age, he was already diagnosed with a very rare degenerative disorder known as Wolfram Syndrome. This disease can cause various disorders including childhood-onset diabetes, vision loss and deafness, and the life expectancy of a person suffering from this disorder is only between 25-30 years old. And sadly, Sterling isn’t the only one suffering from this kind of disease in their family. Even his twin siblings Nelson and Felix were also diagnosed with the tragic disease.

Unfortunately, Sterling started losing his sight at the age of 7. With this, he remained positive and decided to create a bucket list of the things that he wants to achieve before getting completely blind.




These are just some of the items in Sterling’s bucket list and he has been saving up for these. His mom’s friend knew the struggles that the family is going through and she knew about Sterling’s bucket list and so she decided to phone The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The Kyle and Jackie O show is a morning radio program in Australia. It is popular not only because of it’s Hollywood scoop and crazy games but also the show is also known for one of its surprise giveback segment. When Kyle and Jackie O heard about the struggles of Sterling and his entire family they are compelled to do something to make this little boy’s dream come true.

They were able to organize a holiday for Sterling and his family to stay at Seaward Resort, visit all three of their theme parks including Movie World, Wet N Wild and Seaward, and of course an experience of swimming with the dolphins! And the dream to see snow for the first time? Of course, they also make it possible! They also offered to have Sterling come back to the theme parks in December when they have their Winter Wonderland special to experience snow on the Gold Coast!

I just can’t imagine Sterling’s joy in hearing that his dreams are soon becoming reality.  Thanks to those people who did even the simple act of making a phone call and to those people who are willing to do anything just to lighten up this little boy’s slowly getting dark world.

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