The Guitar and Banjo Player Were Amazed by the Spectacular Surprising Duel They Made Together of the Christmas Music!

Christmas is the season of sharing the love with others. It is also the perfect time to show people how blessed we are and share them the blessings that we received from God. Every year when Christmas is about to come, we see a lot of people going back and forth to malls buying everything that they might need for the celebration. The cold breeze that touches our skin reminds us how our Savior was born. The first Christmas was not that elegant, we all know that Christ was born in a manger as Mary and Joseph were told by an angel to leave home. But the true meaning of Christmas and the reason why we celebrate it is what makes it perfect: A Savior was born! Somebody who was meant to save the entire humanity was born in human flesh and this calls for a celebration.

We know a lot of Christmas carols and Jingle Bells is one of the most popular songs that we hear every Christmas. Even kids at a young age know the lyrics and can sing it well with a perfect tune. The United Stated Navy Band is known for their spectacular talent in music. We have seen them performing in presidential inaugurations and other memorable events. We were amazed at the great talent that these guys possess and this time, they’re bringing something that we haven’t before. The Navy Band decided to have a friendly duel between the guitar and banjo player through a Jingle Bells duet.

The sound of the instruments reminded everyone about the upcoming feast is awesome. The sound of the guitar accompanied by a banjo was truly a perfect harmony. It was fun to listen to these talented people and what they did was something new to everyone’s hearing. Watch the video below and enjoy an excellent performance with the Navy Band.

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