The Truth Behind Lyrics “Mary Did You Know” Will Surely Amaze You

Christmas carols are now played in the air to let everyone feel the spirit of the holiday season. We know a lot of Christmas carols since we were young and up until now, we can still memorize the lyrics and the melody is close to our hearts. We have our favorite carols that we prefer to listen to as it is already a tradition of the family. We love the music firstly because of the lyrics, secondly because the melody is harmonious and sweet to the ears and lastly it is suited for the upcoming feast.

“Mary Did You Know” is one of the common songs that we hear every Christmas. It is sung by our church members during Christmas presentations and sometimes it is used as a background music in nativity role plays showing how the first Christmas happened. But there are people who neglect the song because they are confused about the lyrics. They didn’t realize that the message of the song was surprising and that mothers could reflect on it. The Scriptures in Luke 1:30-33 explain the message of the song that is indeed incredible. It talks about Angel Gabriel telling Mary how the life of a baby that she was about to give birth would be. Mary’s Son is meant to save mankind through His precious blood. He will be called the Most High and the throne of David will be given to Him. He will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever and His kingdom will never end.

Can you ever imagine how a mother is supposed to respond upon hearing those words? Knowing how your son’s life would be before giving birth to him will surely give you an unexplainable feeling. I uploaded a video of “Mary Did You Know” an official video of Pentatonix as this is the perfect rendition that I’ve heard. The unique talent and amazing voices of these guys will help you reflect on the lyrics of the song!

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