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The Warm Hearted Video Inspired Millions, Even Author Had Not Expected The Amazing Influence It Produced!

The world today is full of evil things as we can see in the news. People killed each other, politicians debates, citizens try to fight for their rights, people stole in order to survive and many more. All of these things are not presentable in front of God and these actions break His heart as He sees His children in chaos.

What the world needs is love and respect for one another. Let us not be carried away by our personal emotions but instead, let us focus on something that can promote peace among men. We are all created equally by God and we were given one life that we need to take care of. Realizing that we only live once, we need to make sure that our stay on earth should be meaningful and fruitful. We can be rich or poor but whatever our status in life is, at the end of the day we will still be judged according to our faith. Nobody can save somebody, but we can let God use our lives as an instrument that others might also be saved. Confrontation can be avoided if we only we know how to respect other people’s opinion and point of view.

Trust in the Lord and let Him serve as the light of your life. Be strong in your faith and do not let the darkness rule your life. If you’re currently struggling about your situation in life, call unto Him and surely He will not disappoint! Prove to God that you are worthy of His blessings. Watch the video below and be inspired as you tackle different realizations in life. Tell everyone about your personal testimony and let God do His work in your life.

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