NewsWatch A New Documentary Film about Asbury Outpouring

Watch A New Documentary Film about Asbury Outpouring

“What started as a small group of Asbury University students worshipping through the end of routine chapel launched into a continuous outpouring that has lasted multiple weeks. On February 8, 2023, God actively moved and called students to linger in Hughes auditorium for an extended time of prayer and worship. Unknown to the students at that time was the wildfire of spiritual renewal and powerful community worship that would ensue from simply listening to God’s simple call.

As students stayed locked into the Holy Spirit, transformation began, and more people answered the call to go to Hughes. Hearts were broken for Christ and mended, and worship poured onto campus at all hours. The young Generation Z known for its lostness and identification with worldly ideologies, rose up as a spiritually equipped army serving God from the frontlines.

The university’s students, faculty, and staff members, along with local community members and worldwide travelers have gathered into Hughes to witness an outpouring of God’s love and spiritual renewal. As God’s church gathered, healing and miracles were present.

This Asbury outpouring, also known as the Asbury University revival, has spread across the nation and globe, sparking continuous revival on various college campuses such as Cedarville, Northern Kentucky University (NKU), and Lee University, as well as garnering the attention from other countries like Brazil, Israel, and the Netherlands.”

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