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Watch And Find Out The Real Meaning Of Advent, The Importance of First Christmas Revealed

People look at Christmas as the celebration of hope, love, and joy. But there are still some people who do not understand the real meaning of Christmas. We are all excited as Christmas is fast approaching. We hear carols in the air and people starting to exchange gifts with their loved ones. Houses are covered with beautiful decorations and bright lights. The streets are getting busy as people go back and forth trying to avoid the holiday rush.

Advent means the arrival of somebody while on Christian Theology, it means the second coming of Christ. Everyone is hoping for the arrival of Christ especially His faithful servants. The first Christmas brings an important message to us. Christmas is not just all about gifts and food served on the table. The real connotation of Christmas is that A Savior was born on that very special day and that’s the very first reason why we celebrate love and hope.

Jesus is with us every single day of our lives. God made the greatest sacrifice in His life sending His only begotten Son into the world to save humanity. His precious blood has cleansed us from our sins and we were set free of the bondage of sin. Until now, we are all waiting for He will be coming soon and gather everyone who believes in Him and accepted Him in their lives to live with Him in heaven. Examine yourself, are you ready when Jesus comes back?

What Is Advent?

Advent is a time of waiting, hope, and anticipation. We pray that this video will help you understand the meaning of Advent as we celebrate Jesus’ birth and look forward to a second advent, when Jesus comes again. Explore the story of our Savior and God’s plan for us.

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