What She Did Saved the Near Mental Breakdown Woman on Delta flight in the Air!

Not everyone enjoys flying. It can be a bit stressful, being up in the air, unable to do anything but to sit down with that seatbelt on. But can you imagine how stressful it could be flying with no one but your fussy 7-month-old twins, leaving your other 2 daughters behind, going back to the place where you grew up to say goodbye to your dying father? This is the situation Molly Schultz had.

Molly’s world was in chaos as she boarded Delta flight 1227. She had already flown from Washington state to Minneapolis and spent a ridiculous amount of time on a layover. No one was with her but her twins who, like her, were so done with their entire trip. However, Molly needed to head home to Detroit to see her dying father. Her heart was already broken by this reality, not to mention that she had to leave her two other daughters (aged 3 and 2) behind.

The situation even grew more chaotic as her twins wouldn’t stop crying and screaming mid-flight. Molly felt so helpless and she felt like the entire plane was judging her parenting.

‘If you’re sick of hearing this crying, then please come and help me!’ Molly wanted to stand in the aisle and yell in front of the passengers. She was starting to lose her sanity, not until a woman finally came to help her.

 “You sat right next to me in that empty seat and you grabbed the daughter I was bouncing in my lap,” Molly wrote in  Love What Matters. “…you cradled my daughter in your arms as you sang a lullaby to her, looking her in the eyes…. you showed me the most empathy I’ve ever been shown, and it was miraculously done in my darkest hour.”

The woman stood up to help when no one else did. She knew that somebody needed a hand and so she stood up and helped someone whom she does not even know.

“It’s funny how words can be forgotten, but the way someone makes you feel will always be the way you remember them. Maybe an angel whispered to you loud enough that you knew you needed to answer. Maybe your mom instinct kicked into high gear when you realized that both of the babies screaming…belonged to me. Maybe you could see me struggling and decided somebody needed to step up. Maybe you just put yourself in my shoes and did what you would hope someone would do for you. Or maybe you are just a very kind person who helps wherever she sees fit.”

Molly was very grateful for this woman’s help. That little act of kindness meant so much for Molly. That woman is surely an angel sent from the above, the help that she exactly need at the moment.

“You saved my sanity and probably everyone else’s on that flight. It was easy for everyone else to just sit back and make assumptions about my parenting ability. Instead, you saw a mom in need and you jumped in without skipping a beat.”

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