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Woman Accidentally Shares The Holiday Spirit with An Unknown Man, Only to Realize It’s Not What She Thinks It Is

Christmas is, perhaps, one of the best times of the year. Regardless of religion, the majority of people across the globe come together to celebrate the holidays. Food, gifts, random acts of kindness and a good belly laugh are what the Christmas spirit is all about.

Hilarious mom blogger’s Christmas story goes viral

A woman named Mary Katherine Backstrom went viral after she shared a hilarious story about her random act of kindness.

Backstrom is in her car when she recorded a Facebook live for all her family and friends to see. The Florida native couldn’t contain her laughter to the point that it almost became impossible for her to tell her entire story.

The woman starts her story by saying that she was so high on the Christmas spirit that she wanted to do a random act of kindness. When she entered a store, she saw someone behind her buying a ginger ale. She offered to pay for the drink, and she couldn’t be happier.

When she got out of the store, she saw a man cleaning the windshield of her car. She approached the man and thanked him for his kindness.

Backstrom couldn’t help but think that it was God’s provision in the works because she immediately blessed him after she helped another person.

The woman was so happy with the man’s kind gesture that she greeted and hugged him before trying to get into the car. Backstrom then realized that the car that the man was cleaning was his and not hers.

Backstrom couldn’t help but feel humiliated because she even hugged a stranger when in fact, he didn’t clean her car. So, she immediately entered her vehicle and moved to a different location so that she could record her hilarious story.

Mary Katherine Backstorm’s random act of kindness blessed her in numerous ways

Even though Backstrom didn’t get a prize for her kindness towards the woman at the store, it was obvious that she left a mark on everyone that saw her viral video. Within days, the video reached over 30 million views.

Backstrom’s story is still impacting a lot of people especially now when the entire world is struggling because of COVID-19. It also serves as a reminder that everyone should be kind especially to the strangers that they meet.

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