LifestyleWoman Broke Car After Daughter’s Surgery, Stranger With Shocking History Offered Help

Woman Broke Car After Daughter’s Surgery, Stranger With Shocking History Offered Help

There comes a time that we pass by rough roads of life. We may feel unlucky especially if numerous problems arise together at one time. We feel abandoned and it seems like nobody’s there to reach out. A miserable emotion gets into our nerves and it weakens our body physically as well as emotionally.

Amanda Fessler had the worst day of her life trapped in a complicated situation. She just attended her aunt’s funeral and now she is rushing towards the hospital to pick up her daughter who undergo brain surgery. She wasn’t expecting another worst situation to add up until her car acted up. She broke down her car as it smokes along the busy highway. Thankfully it was towed and dropped in a nearby hotel where unexpected things happened. A stranger named Donta Thompson came and offered help in an instance. He was at work during that time but still, he preferred to use his free time to help Amanda fix her car. The guy was not expecting anything in return, he just wanted to help out.

Amanda posted this stranger’s good deed on the internet and it started to gain audiences. Amanda was surprised when she knew Donte’s history. He is indeed a kind person and it was not the first time that she helped somebody to do mechanic works. The feeling of helping people and offering a helping hand satisfies him. Be sensitive and offer help to people as long as you are able to do the job. God is watching every single thing that we do and He is faithful to reward those people with a good heart.

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