Woman Dies And Returns With A Message From Jesus

My name is Cheryl I had a dream where I came upon this accident that had to do with semi trucks. When I started waking up out of the dream, I felt burdened. I knew it was a dream from the Lord. I began to pray.

Two months later, my sister Valerie’s car got involved in a pile up in Arizona. Her car was crushed under the semi. I was told that she was unconscious and not expected to survive. I asked God how I should pray for Valerie and he said, “Pray that she will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalm 118:17).

It stirred my faith that the impossible was possible. Doctors gave me a grim report at the hospital. They told us that she wasn’t going to make it and that they were keeping her on life support so that they could gather her organs. I didn’t lose hope and gathered friends and family to pray over her for days even with no visible signs of improvement.

Little did I know that Valerie was having an extraordinary experience in heaven. She recalls a blinding light. “I turned around and there was Jesus,” she said. “I felt like I was home,” she added.

“I never thought I was worthy of his love,” thought Valerie. But in that moment in heaven, she felt life and love like she never had on earth. Then, Jesus told her that she had to go back with a message. “You can stay if you want to,” he said. “But your purpose isn’t done. I want you to tell them, tell the people who I am. Who I really am.”

“I didn’t want to leave him,” said Valerie, but she knew she had to go back. So, she descended. The doctors soon started to see signs of life. The doctor said to me, “Get ready, I think your sister’s coming back.”

I just began to rejoice and I said, “Thank you Lord!’

Two months later, she walked home from the hospital and she says that her time with the Lord carried her through her recovery.

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