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Woman Had Hard Time Getting Pregnant, Result Of Sister’s Suggestion Shocked The Couple

Having kids is one of the best things in life. Kids are God’s blessing to couples and these cute creatures give happiness to our family. We should be thankful for the lives of our children. We should take good care of them and give them all the love in the world. They are our greatest treasure and being blessed with kids is a personal testimony of how God has been faithful in our lives.

However, not all couples are lucky and blessed to have kids. There are cases that a woman is impossible to give birth to a child due to an abnormal condition explained by science. Annie Johnson and her husband Joby are having a problem having their own child and they know they need help medically. They tried so hard to bear a child but it seems so impossible to have one of their own. That’s when Annie’s sister Chrissy suggested something that surprised them. She told Annie that she can be a surrogate mother for them if they would allow. The couple agreed and during the process, Annie was also in the same cycle so the doctor decided to give it one last try and also implanted two embryos.

Soon both Annie and Chrissy felt the symptoms of being pregnant. It was even more surprised when they knew that they are both pregnant with twins! Chrissy had two boys, Charlie and Tommy while Annie had two girls, Gracie and Haddie. They couldn’t imagine how blessed they are for having 4 children within a year. They now have a big family and this could really be fun. Watch the video and check out how Annie and Chrissy delivered their twins.

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