LifestyleWoman Planned To Commit Suicide But Was Saved By Magical Notes

Woman Planned To Commit Suicide But Was Saved By Magical Notes

Too much of depression can give us negative thoughts in life. Failing without accepting your failure can lead to sorrow and desperate actions. We may sometimes think that ending our lives could be the best way to escape our problems but absolutely not! You’re just adding a problem to compensate for another problem. Committing suicide is disrespecting God for He gave us life that we may see His goodness to people. Ask for the Lord’s wisdom to help you overcome your struggles.

Paige Hunter is an 18-year-old girl from England who once had the thought of ending her life. Her trials in life had eaten the whole of her and it made her think that suicide could be the best way to stop her struggles in life. Later on, she did realize how precious her life is as a God-given gift and she was able to run away from those negative thoughts. She was already standing on the edge of the bridge, her thoughts were racing on her mind that time and anytime she was ready to jump off and end her life. But God would not allow His children to suffer the pain. He will send His angels to save us every time we’re in danger. The police and ambulances came and tried to change Paige’s mind, that was God working during that time.

When Paige had the realization of everything that has happened, She started posting brightly colored notes on bridges specifically on Wearmouth Bridge that almost took her life. She wrote encouraging messages on the notes that she posted and she was surprised by what happened next.

In an anonymous post, somebody posted a message thanking Paige Hunter for saving her life. She was about to climb on the bridge and was about to commit suicide when she saw the colored notes that were posted by Paige. They made her realize how life is precious and that she needs to be strong enough to face the challenges that she currently has.

Be a blessing to somebody through a simple act of kindness and encouragement. Live your life with God by your side and let Him use you as an instrument to show people how good life is.

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