Woman Received Security Prompt A Stranger Is At Front Door Who Left Something Surprising

We encounter a lot of people in our lives, both with good and bad intentions. Although we cannot judge them because we don’t know them personally, at the end of the day we just wanted to be safe. It is one of our personalities to carefully examine every single thing that comes along our way. We don’t wanna to end up having wrong decisions in life and implementing actions that will result in worst situations. We are always hoping for the best to come and avoid circumstances that would harm us and our loved ones.

Katie Egger Makris is a woman from Washington, DC who made a mistake by judging somebody with her first impression. It is one normal day when she went to the gym to do her regular routines. She accidentally dropped her wallet as she was busy that day. She was worried about not having her wallet back because it contains important things like money, cards and as well as her IDs. Thinking that your identification cards containing your personal information are left somewhere is not safe at all, because somebody might use your identity and do worst things that you don’t expect to happen. It was by then while she was preparing to teach her workout class at 6 am when she received a notification alert from her security provider saying that a stranger is standing at her front door.

Katie was worried by then as there are a lot of cases reported about people breaking in doors trying to steal from houses. So she closely watched the video and saw a man in a plaid shirt standing at the door. It seems like the man doesn’t know what to do and Katie was having mixed emotions as it is too early for a delivery to come so she was scared that it might be somebody with bad intentions.

The stranger left something in the doormat and turned his back so Katie immediately called her husband to check. It was so surprised when she knew that it was her wallet that was returned by a stranger. The person whom she thought will do bad things was unknowingly a good Samaritan!

Don’t judge a person without knowing his or her true intention. The world might have brought bad experiences to you, but surely there are still people out there who possess a good heart!

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