TestimoniesWoman Shares Story For Everyone’s Awareness After Husband Died Due To Energy...

Woman Shares Story For Everyone’s Awareness After Husband Died Due To Energy Drinks

We are all very careful when it comes to our health and our body. Some people avoid eating food with cholesterol and some other contents that can cause harm to their body. There are also people who maintain a well-balanced diet and undergo workouts just to make sure they are fit and healthy. Our body can easily respond based on what we eat or drink. The illness that we acquire is from the things that we do with our body. We have also heard a lot of news report about a certain food that can damage a different body system.

Cassondra Reynolds shares her story to benefit other people and gain awareness. Her husband John, who is only 41 years old died because of drinking energy drinks. As what we can see nowadays, a lot of energy drinks can be bought in stores anywhere. New products that can be enticing to the eyes but we still need to be more careful in buying them. Since it’s new in the market, people buy those energy drinks just to try if it tastes good or it could satisfy their purpose of buying them without even checking the content and ingredients that were used in making those products.

Cassondra wants to share her experience so that others will be aware as well. Another woman named Daphne Buxman Carley also had a bad experience with these pre-workout drinks. Daphne’s husband Kevin had a cardiac arrest after taking an energy drink and by God’s grace, he was able to survive. But this is not always the case and we cannot predict what will happen the next time that we take those energy drinks with harmful contents so we need to make sure that before we take anything for our body, we need to examine it first for our own safety.

Woman Warns of Pre-Workout Drinks After Husband Collapses at Gym
Is hitting the gym one of your New Year’s resolutions? Daphne Buxman-Carley is warning others to be careful when consuming pre-workout drinks for an extra boost at the gym after her husband John collapsed on the treadmill last March and ended up in a coma for several days.

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