LifestyleWoman Unbelievably Survived Tumor Surgery Unexplained By Science Because God Works Miraculously

Woman Unbelievably Survived Tumor Surgery Unexplained By Science Because God Works Miraculously

God heals all kinds of illness and grants wellness to those who are sick. In times of facing darknesses in our lives, trust no one but God and hold on to your faith for the Lord will never fail you. God hears our prayers and answers the request of a faithful servant. He knows every intention ghat you’ve got and examines your heart thoroughly. God is faithful in our lives as we in return, need to be faithful as well.

Ward Simpson and his wife Lydia were given the test of their lives. Ward is the CEO of God TV and has gained popularity because of spreading the word of God. Even people who are closer to God also experience darkness and distress. This is God’s way of testing people in order to know how firm their faith is. Lydia Simpson discovered something different in her facial features and found out that she has a tumor in a difficult part of her face after a series of tests. The tumor can greatly affect her facial features and its functions along the way and removing it would be a vital process. The couple decided to give the work to Dr. Ryan Osborne who is well known for handling complicated tumor surgeries. Before the said operation, Ward led a prayer with Lydia and the rest of the team who will be working with Dr. Osborne. They asked for God to guide them and help them remove the tumor in a much safer way. Everything that is about to happen, It is God who will work it out and have a successful operation.

The video below shows how Ward and Simpson showed the whole world that in time of facing fear, they always choose to trust God. God is an ultimate healer and He uses our doctors as instruments for us to have a better medical condition. Click play and witness one of God’s numerous miracle! Tell everyone how great our God is through this testimony.

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