LifestyleWorship Mob’s Stunning Rendition Of Lauren Daigle’s Hit Song “You Say”

Worship Mob’s Stunning Rendition Of Lauren Daigle’s Hit Song “You Say”

A time will come that our body will feel weak. We may feel tired not just physically, but as well as emotionally and spiritually. Physical weakness can be overcome by taking enough hours of sleep and having your body rest for a while. Do something that you love to avoid stress. Emotionally time will come that we will feel unhappy as well as our soul will soon be weak if we separate ourselves to God. The whole world may turn away from us and people may leave us, but the Lord our God will always be there to surround us with His great love.

Worship Mob is an American worship group consists of talented individuals who use their talents in collective singing to praise God. The group originated from Colorado Springs, Colorado and was formed March 15, 2011. They have released their first studio album last 2015 entitled “Carry the Fire”. These guys were truly blessed with God-given talents which they nurtured and wisely used for the glory of God. Their main goal is to share the love of Christ with others through their music ministry.

Now they’re showing everyone what they got through their beautiful cover of one of Lauren Daigle’s hit “You Say”. Their voices are so sweet and their performance can hit you big time because of its heartwarming nature. Truly worship is an amazing language of love and it connects us directly to God’s heart. Check out the video below and see how Worship Mob performs with their whole heart. This is indeed a beautiful cover of Lauren Daigle’s song “You Say”.

You Say (Lauren Daigle) WorshipMob cover
You Say (Lauren Daigle) WorshipMob cover Support our video productions @ You Say by Lauren Daigle, Paul Mabury, & Jason Ingram Simultaneous Real Live Worship by the WorshipMob Christ-purchased Identity, Unity, & Freedom #WorshipMob #worship #worshipmusic #LaurenDaigle #YouSay Thank you to the following financial contributors for their generous help

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