Year 9 Girl Hailed Hero for Saving School Bus Packed with Students from Striking Gas Station

A 14-year-old Australian girl named Isabelle Miller, affectionately known as Izzy, received widespread praise for her quick thinking and heroic actions that prevented a potential disaster involving a school bus. The incident occurred near Casino High School in New South Wales, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald in November 2023.

Izzy, on her way home, spontaneously decided to board another bus parked outside the school to chat with friends before departure. Sensing something amiss, she realized the driver was absent. Without hesitation, Izzy took matters into her own hands.

In an interview with Today, Izzy recounted the urgency of the situation and how she promptly occupied the driver’s seat to avert a crisis. Despite having no prior experience driving a bus, she successfully maneuvered the vehicle and skillfully applied the brakes instead of the accelerator. Her decisive actions prevented a collision with a nearby gas station, sparing the lives of everyone on board.

CCTV footage from the gas station captured Izzy’s adept handling of the bus, navigating it away from potential danger despite the presence of people and other vehicles in the vicinity. Teachers from the school were seen attempting to assist by pushing the bus in a different direction.

Reflecting on the incident, Izzy shared the panic that ensued among her fellow students: “Everyone was freaking out like ‘oh what do we do now.’” Despite the fear she felt, she acknowledged the gravity of the situation and the potential disaster that was averted through her intervention.

Izzy’s mother, Rebecca, learned about the incident only after Izzy returned home. Relieved that her daughter and other students were unharmed, she expressed pride in Izzy’s courage and quick thinking.

Once the bus came to a stop, Izzy felt a sense of relief. She explained, “I was pretty relieved that it actually stopped and nothing bad happened to the kids on the bus or myself.”

In recognition of her bravery, Izzy was invited to a meeting with the bus company, Northern Rivers Buslines, where she received gratitude for her actions. Additionally, she was presented with a certificate and a $100 reward from the North Casino Mini Mart, the store near the school that narrowly avoided being hit by the bus.

The community lauded Izzy’s actions, with one person on Facebook suggesting she should receive a bravery medal: “This young girl should be awarded a bravery medal 🥇 she saved lives in the bus and service station.” Others commended her quick thinking and expressed the need for her heroic deeds to be officially recognized.

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