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Young Man With Down Syndrome Played Saxophone in Hymn of “Here I Am, Lord” At the Last Time Seeing Grandpa

We were all created equal individuals in the eyes of the Lord. Though some of us suffer from genetic conditions, God has given us unique talents that others don’t have. A deficit in one aspect of life could be an abundance in some other ways. This is a balance in life that God has granted to each individual.

A young man with down syndrome named Matt Lomaka loves playing the saxophone. Despite his condition, God has bestowed him a unique gift of music. His grandpa is one of his greatest mentor in life and sadness filled his heart when his grandpa died. At the funeral, Matt played the saxophone in the hymn of “Here I Am, Lord” that was a heart melting tribute which made the attendees felt emotional.

The song was originally written by Dan Schutte which was loved by many because of the message. The song was so special that it perfectly fit his grandpa’s funeral. It was so sweet for a grandson with down syndrome to showcase his God-given talent even up to the last time that he will be seeing his grandpa. The song talks about how God guides us in our everyday living and how He works according to His will.

Watch the video below and feel the emotions as Matt plays his saxophone as he pays tribute to his grandpa. We may lose somebody who is so dear to us but God has given them eternal life after death.

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