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10-Year-Old Boy Burst In Tears Seeing Christmas Present Under The Tree, Unexpected Surprise!

We all have heard different stories about sibling rivalries. It quite normal to hear brothers and sisters fighting against the attention of their parents. They often envy each other especially when it comes to the things that their parents buy for them. After putting up a good fight, at the end of the day you still love and care for each other.

But for a 10-year-old boy named Owynn, everything is quite different. It is his longtime dream to have a baby brother or sister. Her parents Stacey and Adam Lindsay always wanted to have at least two children since then. Stacey grew up in a family having 14 children and she experienced the happiness having a lot of siblings. This is exactly the same thing that she wanted Owynn to experience as well. Unfortunately, after having 5 miscarriages, the couple had a hard time bearing another child.

Luckily God gave them what they wished for but in a different way. A teenage mom named Kendra talked to the couple as she was planning her baby to get adopted. Kendra is about to deliver a baby girl and she decided to have it adopted. The couple was so happy thinking that this could be the perfect gift for Owynn. They tried to hide it since there is still a possibility that Kendra would change her mind. Kendra gave birth last December 6 and on December 8, the couple took the baby home and she was named Naylee. They placed it under the tree to surprise Owynn. Owynn’s reaction was priceless and he was so happy that his wish came true. Watch the video below and you will surely be left in tears!

10-Year-Old Surprised With Adopted Baby Sister Under Christmas Tree
“After seven long years of an infertility battle and lots of prayers, God miraculously in his own time brought an amazing young woman into our lives in June and she made our adoption dream come true. Naylee Kenmyn Rayn came home to surprise her new big brother!”

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