Jesus is My Victory, Listen to This Live Performance And Thank God Again: ‘Victory’ by Liberty University Worship Collective

Victory! This is what we have in Jesus Christ. Even in times that we feel empty, or in the midst of suffering, Jesus finds us. In our brokenness and in our insufficiency, we can call out in the name of Jesus.

You’re my victory, strength in every season

You will steady me, constant in the battle

You will fight for me, standing on your promise 

This I know, You’re my victory

‘Victory’ by The Liberty University Worship Collective is a song that will once again remind us of the victory that Christ had won on the cross for us. Performed by these young people who are sold out for Jesus, this song will once again bring you to that place of worship. Listen to this song and let every word speak to everything that you are going through right now.

Who could change the word you’ve spoken

Who could ever stand against your name

There is none beside you

You are holy, holy

Who could ever stand against your name

Let us celebrate the VICTORY that we have in Christ! Jesus, before he breathed his last on the cross said these words: “It is finished.” This is where we stand. It is finished. It is paid in full. There is nothing that can stand against us nor nothing can pull us down. We are victorious in Jesus’ name!