2 Outback Workers Wish Nobody Saw What They Wrote on Cops’ Receipt

Every day, police officers, emergency workers, and first responders put their lives on the line to protect our communities. Regardless of the time or the length of their shifts, they tirelessly perform their duties, often working long hours. In a heartwarming incident in Slidell, Louisiana, four local police officers exemplified the dedication and sacrifice of these professionals.

After completing a grueling shift, the officers decided to unwind at their local Outback Steakhouse. Little did they know that a heartwarming surprise awaited them at the end of their meal.

Credit: Slidell Police Department

The Outback Steakhouse staff, including waitress Zoë Rao and manager Arline Wood, recognized the officers as regular patrons and devised a thoughtful plan. As the officers prepared to settle their $67 tab, they were astonished to discover that their meal was on the house. A heartfelt note on the receipt conveyed gratitude for their service to the community, reading, “Be safe!” and “Thank y’all for y’all’s service! Enjoy y’all’s meal on us!”

Manager Arline Wood and waitress Zoe Rao (Photo Credit: Screenshot Fox8)

The officers, deeply moved by this act of kindness, left a generous tip to express their appreciation. The Slidell Police Department later shared an image of the receipt on Facebook, causing it to go viral.

However, the Outback Steakhouse employees had not sought the spotlight. Arline Wood emphasized that they didn’t intend for the act to receive public attention, as they were motivated purely by their desire to thank the officers.

Credit: Slidell Police Department

Nonetheless, their simple act of kindness may inspire others to show their gratitude to those who selflessly protect us daily. This heartwarming gesture serves as a reminder of the importance of appreciating first responders and the sacrifices they make.

In a world often filled with negative news about the mistreatment of police officers, acts of appreciation like this shed a positive light on the tireless dedication of these professionals. It is a call to acknowledge and thank all first responders who willingly face danger every day to ensure our safety.

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