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2-Year-Old Boy Born With Spina Bifida Learned To Walking Giving Joy To Followers

God gives us trials in life for certain reasons. These hardships are designed in order to mold our faith and make us stronger and a better person. God doesn’t give us a door without a key to open. It also follows that God doesn’t give us obstacles in life without a solution to make circumstances become better. Everything that we experience in life leaves us lessons that we must learn and apply in order to become a more better individual.

Roman Dinkel was born with Spina Bifida which is a birth defect where a person has incomplete backbones and membranes around the spinal cord. In some ways he could be unlucky but his parents, Whitney and Adam treats life in a positive way. They didn’t give up and they did not even lose hope with their son’s condition. Their faith is tight and they continue to believe that one day, God will answer all of their prayers for Roman.

God did not disappoint the couple and one day, Roman learned how to walk using his crutches. Whitney and Adam could not express how much happiness they feel so they decided to record a video of Roman trying how to walk. A lot of people viewed Roman’s video and it brought joy to people all over the world. Roman’s story is an example of faith conquers all type of event and this inspired many lives. Watch the video below and discover Roman’s story and his parents story of faith.

Roman Dinkel, this little man will make you smile (Inspiration )
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