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21-Year-Old Gymnast React On Body Shaming That Went Viral, Shared Insights In GMA

Reaching our dreams and being successful is not that easy but also needs immediate attention and sacrifice. There are certain things that we want to achieve and we strive hard in order to make it happen. We will encounter hardships along the way and that is for sure, but this is where our patience will be tested. Before you can stand on the pedestal, you still need to win against all tests that life may bring. Reaching success by winning the battle of life is something that we can be proud of because things that are worth it never comes easy.

Katelyn Ohashi is one of the famous internet sensations nowadays. Katelyn is a 21-year-old gymnast who is known for her perfect 10 routines. What she does is not just a simple gymnast but she always makes sure that her performance will bring joy to the audience. She does it in a fun way mixed with amazing dance steps and her followers loved it so much. Katelyn is currently attending the UCLA school and is part of the Bruins Gymnastics Team where she met her coach Valerie Field. Valerie plays a big role in Katelyn’s life by motivating her to strive harder in reaching her goals in gymnastics.

According to Katelyn, she has a lot of sacrifices in life in order to be in good shape for the sports that she loved so much. During an interview with Good Morning America, Katelyn shared her stand about body shaming and finding joy. Watch the video below and listen to Katelyn’s reaction about body shaming and finding true happiness on the things that you love doing. You will surely be inspired and be able to learn something.

Gymnast reacts to viral floor routine, body shaming
UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi speaks out on “GMA” about the floor routine viewed by millions of people that earned her a perfect score. WATCH FULL EPISODES: Visit Good Morning America’s Homepage:

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