Lifestyle30-Years-Old Man Meets Birth Mother For First Time, "Don’t Ever Say Sorry!”

30-Years-Old Man Meets Birth Mother For First Time, “Don’t Ever Say Sorry!”

Many adopted children feel that they are not whole through their surrogate parents are loving, kind and had raised them well. It is, for this reason, that surrogate parents and adopted children want to find out their biological mom and dad. Oftentimes the process takes years and years as well as money and time. Sometimes the ending to those years of searching is sadness while to others joy and a reunion of a lifetime.

This story is one of the most successful reunions ever recorded. This is because Steve had already forgiven his parents before meeting them. Such that when his mother told him she is sorry for giving him up he admonished his mother to never ever feel sorry for that mistake. Steve was raised by a loving couple and was an only child. Thus, his gladness was tripled when he later learned that he has 3 other siblings from the same parents. As caught on the video, he doesn’t have any negative feelings towards his parents. He has only gladness that after so many years they were given the chance to meet and reconcile. He even asked his mom if he could call her ‘mom’, to which his biological mom said ‘of course’.

Like Steve, we long for our roots. We want to know who bore us. Indeed, our soul belongs to God, such that in our earthly life we too seek out our heavenly father. Our soul is restless until it finds itself in the hollow of His hands. Peace comes to us when we take to the cross and our heart finds its home in God.

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