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4 Facts about Heaven Many Don’t Know

Many people in today’s generation still do not believe that heaven exists. They may think that it is only a story that they hear since they were young. What does heaven look like? Where is heaven? A lot of questions are being formulated by our minds for it is already a usual perspective of human not to believe in something that they haven’t witnessed yet.

We Christians believe that heaven is true and existing for it is where the throne of God can be seen. We heard about hundreds of stories about heaven when we were attending Sunday school classes. But what you learned about heaven is only a few details of what it is really made of. By watching the video above we have learned that there are certain facts about heaven that we are still not aware of.

The Holy Word of God written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit will accurately reveal and support the facts presented in the video. We need to make sure that we are guided by the Scriptures and we can see it with our own naked eyes. The word of God will serve as the greatest weapon for us when the enemy sends false prophets to destroy our faith in Him. Read your Bible and pray every day for it will help us nourish our spiritual life and uncover the miracles that God has made.

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