Lifestyle6 People Formed A Human Ladder To Rescue Girls From Burning Apartment

6 People Formed A Human Ladder To Rescue Girls From Burning Apartment

Just when we thought the world was full of people with unkind hearts, there were also good people doing kind things that helped restore faith in humanity.

A video of two young girls in China being rescued from a burning multi-story building became viral. Six civilians formed a human ladder in order to rescue the two girls on the third floor of the building. They climbed the grills along the building’s walls with just their bare hands.

Thankfully, the girls made it out of the incident safely.

The video of the heroic act was shared on Facebook by different pages including People’s Daily, China and South China Morning Post. The post received more than 147,000 views so far. People took in to comments their praises to the six rescuers.

Credit: People’s Daily, China Youtube Screenshot

This is what real superheroes look like. No spiderweb. No rocket suit. No capes. No snarky quips. Just ordinary people in their ordinary clothes banding together to save lives on an ordinary day. Extraordinary,” said one comment

Another comment said, “Bravo. That is a great representation of the people’s good heart. Thank you for keeping faith in our humanity.”

Few people pointed out the issues they see in the situation. “Those people were good Samaritans. However young children shouldn’t be left at home alone, not even for a few mins because anything can happen in split seconds.” said one in the comment.

When will caregivers learn not to leave young kids alone at home?

Ohiafi Rafiu, another user, noticed the unconventional look of the building and questioned, “Why the bars in the first place?”

Another user, Darion Thorne, commented and said that the building somehow looks like a prison.

Would you do the same thing that the six men did to save the lives of the two young girls if you were put into the same situation as them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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