7-Year-Old Dreams About The Rapture And Her Dead Baby Sister In Heaven

My name is Mila and I had this dream where I was about to fall asleep at night and I didn’t want to turn off the lamp because I saw these shadow people running toward me. My mom turned off the lamp and jumped into my arms when she saw what I saw and called them ghosts in the night.

Then suddenly it turned into the daytime and everything was okay. My mom and I are now standing outside and then all of a sudden Jesus came riding on a white horse on the clouds saying it is the rapture, my children it is time. Then Jesus stuck his face into the clouds (a whole bunch of clouds was covering his face) and he said it is time for a rapture.

Then people started coming up and up and up and everybody was coming to Jesus. We all went to Jesus in heaven and gathered around him for hours. Then I asked Jesus where would our house be and I saw this huge white house with the huge McDougall’s house sign.

I went up to the house and a hamster pops up out my hand (I own a hamster as a pet). Then I walked in and saw rooms everywhere and I saw a baby. I’ve always wanted a baby sister. My mom didn’t tell me that she lost her baby in 2018.

I remember when I saw Jesus in heaven he was glowing all over. He had a shining face, his skin was shining and he wore a beautiful white robe. He also had a yellow cloth draped across his shoulders like a sesh. He also wore a band around his head with the colors blue, red, and green and a yellowish cross across it.

Jesus has curly hair down to his shoulders and brown eyes. When I asked him when the rapture will happen he said 2020. I thought about what He said and always thought that it would happen on Christmas. But no one really knows when it is going to happen. But whenever that happens I am not scared. I am excited for the rapture.

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