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A 72 Year Old Delivers A Not So Typical Prayer that will Leave You Laughing Off Your Chairs!

See what happens when a 72-year-old lady held the microphone to deliver an invocation at a dinner party! This is not your typical prayer.

Mary Maxwell delivered an invocation that’s unlike any other. At first, it does seem to be a typical prayer but not until she said, “Uh-uh-oh! Sorry, God!” This certainly turns things around! More than just the typical “Dear God….Amen.” prayer, Mary Maxwell highlighted, in a very funny way, the experiences of being old. Lines like, “…the thing about old age is that you don’t get a chance to practice. This is the first time I’ve ever been old, and it just sort of crept out on me.” had the crowd falling off their chairs. 

Her deadpan delivery and witty lines really show that indeed with age comes wisdom! It was funny and heart-warming but it’s the reality of being old. She opens the eyes of everyone who hears this prayer to understand the difficulties that the old people are experiencing. It calls us to understand why they are the way they are and to extend more patience and love because what they are going through is not as easy as we thought it could be.   Yes, there’s no practice to getting old. But there are people who go ahead of us. Let us learn from them and listen to what they have to say. You can start with this invocation prayer. For sure this will put tears in your eyes while laughing!

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