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A Family’s Witness to Asbury Revival: A Glimpse of The Acts 2 Pentecost

Credit: Ciby N Sheela Thomas

So we decided to take a family trip to experience the Asbury revival..

Few things I encountered..

Credit: Ciby N Sheela Thomas

(1. There’s a HUNGRY remnant. People were willing to drive from far away and brave the rain/cold to be in HIS presence.

(2. It was a glimpse of the Acts 2 Pentecost..

  • We were in one accord – People from different races, age groups & theological backgrounds.
  • There was a sound from heaven.
  • The Holy Spirit was the center it all – Not any man or a made made effort.
  • Lives were saved, healed and delivered.
  • There are critics – They weren’t in the Upper Room, neither were they in Asbury.

(3. For all who criticize this generation (though sometimes justifiably), don’t write them ALL off because God has preserved a remnant in this generation as well.

(4. This was not about a person, generation or a school – Asbury could’ve easily commercialalized this for their own gain but NOPE! They were hosts of HIS presence – humble, orderly and hospitable.

Credit: Ciby N Sheela Thomas

(5. So many famous church leaders, preachers &worship artists were in the crowd but they were all there for the ONE rather to be the one!

After Acts 2 – miracles and signs were common, the church grew, persecution rose and the Holy Spirit moved in a whole new dimension! Church GET ready for WHAT’S NEXT!!

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