LifestyleThe Power of Prayer! Dying Man Survived Through Prayer

The Power of Prayer! Dying Man Survived Through Prayer


Tyler and Thomas are two close friends who treat each other as brother. They always enjoy riding their dirt bikes taking trails. One sunny day when a horrifying incident happened to them, Tyler had fallen behind and lost his friend Thomas in his sight. He turned and roamed the corners of the area when he finally saw Thomas on the ground saying that he can’t breathe.

It was so horrifying unfortunately that Tyler and Thomas were not able to see the cable wire and it hit Thomas on the throat damaging with windpipe. He was gasping air to breathe and it was a very difficult situation that the boys had encountered. Tyler called Thomas’ parents and told them what happened. He was brought to the hospital as Thomas is already about to lose his breath giving him minimal chances to survive.

Her mother was praying as she was lifting everything to the Lord and having God take control of everything. She whispers to his son encouraging him never to give up and have the courage to fight for God is merciful and He heals all kinds of illness. Thomas underwent a surgery to repair the damage on his windpipe. It was a long period of suffering until he finally recovered.

God gave Thomas another chance to live according to His plan. We may feel desperate of the hardships that we encounter in a daily living but always remember that God has prepared a better life for us so long as we are obedient to his words. The Lord will not allow His children to suffer but he gives us trials in order for us to learn and realize that it is only God that can save the day.

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