Abandoned Newborn Boy Was Found in Bush in Critical Condition, Desperate Police Battles to Revive Him

A baby was found in a bush, abandoned, in the cold, and being feasted on by insects. The baby boy still had his umbilical cord attached.

Cops came to respond to the scene. It was found that the baby was left in the bush for more than a day, for about 30 hours with no clothes on. Aside from the insect bites, the baby had bruises which were believed to be animal attacks. 


Miraculously, the baby still survived. According to Police Sgt Antonio Carlos Anibal, he massaged the baby on the chest and was desperately pleading with him to breathe. 

He said, “I could see the baby still had some signs of life, but he was very weak.” This glimmer of hope made the police officer try to revive the boy. After a few moments, the child reacted to the massage and began to cry. 

After hearing the cry of the baby, they wrapped him up in a clean cloth and rushed to the emergency room. 

The medics said that the infant was in critical condition. But they were still grateful that the baby was found at the right time. Any longer in the bush and the baby wouldn’t have lasted any longer.

According to the lady who found the baby, she heard a cry in the yard and thought that it was just a cat because it was very faint. Then when she walked back, she heard the cry again but she couldn’t see because the bush was so dense.

When she stooped down, that’s when she saw the baby’s foot. That was when she called the police.

Sgt. Anibal said that the baby was very cold and had various injuries. He was in very poor condition. But they found the baby in the nick of time. He is a warrior, the police officer said. The baby made it through the night even in such bad conditions.

Upon investigation of who was the mother of the abandoned baby, they found a 15-year old mother who had just given birth. According to her, she was very confused when she had the baby. She was also afraid of how her family would respond to the incident.

That was when she decided to hide the baby in the bush in an attempt to keep it a secret. 

In such circumstances, we should not be so quick to judge anyone. Fear makes people do irrational things. What we should do is to extend grace, no matter how difficult it is.

On the lighter side of things, it was a miracle that the baby was still found even after being abandoned. God takes care of helpless children. 

While we will never really know what happened and if the story of the teenage mother was true, we can still thank God because He helps those who cannot help themselves. 

We also thank the police officers who did all they can to respond to the baby as well as the people in the hospital who did all they can to help the little boy.

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