Adopted Woman Asks Both of Her Dads to Walk Her Down the Aisle on Wedding Day

If we see the goodness in every situation, we will never be sad.

Kara made waves online after walking down the aisle with her two dads. She shared the most magical moments of her life with her biological father and her adoptive father and it couldn’t be more perfect.

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Kara was two days old when she was adopted by the couple Doug and Dana Ashby. She grew up not knowing anything about her biological father but that did not stop him from wanting to meet him personally and it is not a secret to her adoptive parents, they knew very much how Kara wanted to reunite with her father.

In 2019, Kara found out about MyHeritage’s DNA Quest through her adoptive mother, Dana. It gives free kits to adopted children who wishes to find out who their biological family is.

Kara matched with a cousin and eventually in 2021, she also matched with an aunt who introduced her to her biological father, Mark Wadley.

She couldn’t believe that after how many years, she will finally be able to see his father. According to Mark, he was just 19 years old when he had Kara but he never stopped thinking about her ever since. He always wonder if he will ever meet Kara but he brush those thoughts away because it’s been too long and he is losing faith.

“Twenty-five years go by and you kind of… not lose faith, but you think it’s going to get harder and harder for it to happen,” Mark added.

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Finally, the day has come for both Kara and Mark. They decided to meet two weeks later but Mark just couldn’t contain his excitement and asked to meet with him sooner since they just lived two hours drive away from each other.

On September 18, Kara tied down the knot with her partner. She thought it would be amazing to walk down the aisle with the two of the most important persons in her life, her two fathers.

“This day has been definitely more perfect than I could’ve ever asked for. Everything’s just been so wonderful.” Kara exclaimed.

Credit: Screenshot
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