America’s Marines Singing Their Heart Out “Days Of Elijah” Best Way To Worship

Christians have different ways of worshipping God depending on their talent and skills. You can worship God anywhere, anytime and in any way that you can as long as you worship Him wholeheartedly. The Father has given us unique gifts with the purpose of using them to glorify His most Holy Name. Some were lucky to have sweet beautiful voices that they can use in singing praises to God. There are also people who dance gracefully interpreting gospel songs as a way to worship the Lord. We also have teachers bestowed with the gift of teaching where they can use it in teaching Sunday schools for children or devotional activities for adults.

America’s Marines were caught in the video singing Days Of Elijah where they sing their heart out to worship God. It was so nice to see that despite the challenge given to them as people who protect their country’s wellness, they also have a soft genuine heart who seek God and serve Him. Their strength in doing their responsibility towards their country comes from God for He is the source of all power. The protection and guidance given by God to these Marine soldiers is something that they should be thankful for.

Finding the best way to worship the Lord is an amazing gift as a child of God. It is proper for us to serve God in return for all the goodness that He showed to us. God doesn’t care if you sing well or not, as long as every note that your lips utter is offered to Him. He doesn’t care if you dance gracefully or not as long as you have a good intention of praising His name. What gift do you possess? Do you nurture your gift and use it for God’s glory? Watch this video as America’s Marines showcase their talent to honor our Father in heaven.

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