Anthem Lights Amazed Listeners With “What A Beautiful Name/Tremble” Medley

People are given a unique name to identify one from another. It serves as their identification tag to other people to recognize them. We know a lot of names which came from different origins. We have heard several short and long names and it has a reason why parents gave that kind of name to their child. But have you ever heard of the most beautiful name? The sweetest name of all, the name of Jesus! It is so sweet to trust in Jesus and by His power darkness shall tremble and fall.

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group blessed with amazing voices that everyone adores. They originated from Nashville, Tennessee and well known because of their great talent in singing. They have released a lot of medley gospel songs and now they’re nailing it to the top with their awesome medley rendition of What a Beautiful Name and Tremble. The group is so nice to hear as they perfectly blend their voices.

Be inspired by these people’s voices and reflect on the message of the song as they share the word of God through their music ministry. Click play and you will surely love the rhythm as their voices sink into your mind and the message is planted into your heart. You’ll surely love it!

What a Beautiful Name / Tremble | Anthem Lights

Official Anthem Lights Worship Medley including “What a Beautiful Name” by Hillsong & “Tremble” by Mosaic MSC | Get this song on ‪iTunes:‬ ‪Spotify:‬ Physical CD: Sheet Music: Subscribe to Anthem Lights: Support Anthem Lights on Patreon: Follow Anthem Lights: Facebook: Twitter:

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